Monday, December 31, 2012

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Monday, Dec 31, 2012 06:06 AM EST
Timothy Shaw: Walker regurgitates funder NRA’s talking points
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 03:05 AM PST
Dear Editor: After each mass shooting in the U.S., the NRA’s spin is to denounce those who want more gun control and argue for mental health measures and more guns to keep citizens safe. At an…
Float Money Launches Zero Cost Loan Service in Connecticut Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 03:04 AM PST
Innovative Online Shopping Club Offers Safer Borrowing for ConsumersLexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) December 31, 2012 Float Money LLC today announced that its innovative shopping club providing cost-free loans is now available to residents of Connecticut.Float is an innovative shopping network focused on improving members’ financial health. In place of offering cash incentives for additional ...
Seattle Assisted Living Community Recognizes Importance of Music and Dance with Busy January Event Schedule Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 03:02 AM PST
Bayview Manor Retirement Community's list of upcoming January events demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of seniors through the medium of music and dance.Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 31, 2012 Music and dance have come to be known as important components to the health and well-being of seniors. They can go a long way towards encouraging social interaction and self ...
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 03:00 AM PST
Medical staff at Addenbrooke’s Hospital are asking people to think twice about using A&E during the busy winter period.
Rob Macpherson Rutland VT Offers Tips for Improving Quality of Life Among Senior Felines Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 03:00 AM PST
Although pets are expected to have declining health as they age, it is sometimes easy for pet owners to diagnose potential issues among their dogs and other types of pets. However, cat owners are noted ...
Progress Made in Retaining Nurses
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 02:56 AM PST
The President of the Nurses Union says some real progress has been made at recruitment and retention of nurses in the health care system over the last year. The Nurses Union fought hard for the issue and Debbie Forward says health care is now reaping the benefits.
O'Keefe Seeking Re-election
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 02:56 AM PST
The City of St. John's is entering into an election year and already candidates are putting their names forward. Mayor Dennis O'Keefe says he will be seeking re-election in 2013. O'Keefe says he is in good health and he hopes the people will return him for another term as mayor in 2013.
E-cigarettes may not help combat smoking addiction Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 02:40 AM PST
Washington, December 31 (ANI): Young people should avoid use of electronic cigarettes because they also deliver nicotine to the body plus there is no scientific proof that they are useful in combating smoking addiction, a study by the Italian Health Ministry has said.
Delhi - [ Min 6 °C
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 02:38 AM PST
The year 2012 began with parks-n-politics. But, as the city moves into 2013, it hopes for better technology, upgraded health services and quality infrastructure along with academic excellence. There is talk of improvement in every sphere.
Chennai-born named 'Officer of the Order of Canada'
Mon, 31 Dec, 2012 02:31 AM PST
Chennai, Dec 31 (PTI) Chennai-born micronutrient and global health expert M G Venkatesh Mannar is one of the 91 personalities to receive the 'Order of Canada,' one of the highest civilian honours of the Canadian government.

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