Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Saturday, Dec 29, 2012 10:06 PM EST
DOLE, SBMA ink pact to track labor issues in Freeport; complaints vs Hanjin singled out
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:59 PM PST
The safety and health of workers in the Subic Freeport zone come first, and alleged abuses and mistreatment of workers by Korean shipbuilding giant Hanjin will be promptly redressed, the labor department has vowed.
Your farm's financial health (debt-to-asset ratio)
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:56 PM PST
The end of another year approaches - time to close out your accounting records for the year and review financial statements to assess the financial health of your business.This post will focus on the debt-to-asset ratio and how it tells about the risk exposure of your business.
Pedometer Plus
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:54 PM PST
Consumers today are much more aware of animal welfare issues. Furthermore, research has shown that ethical treatment of animals, improved concern for their comfort and improved practices has the benefit of also improving milk productivity, foot health and milk quality.
Dairy Health
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:53 PM PST
When you hear hoof beats ... 12/01/2012 3:50:00 PM While in veterinary school, we were taught about many different diseases and the signs associated with those diseases. Some were common and others were very uncommon or exotic.
Bayer HealthCare to acquire Teva Animal Health
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:53 PM PST
Bayer HealthCare LLC and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE: TEVA) announced today that they have signed an agreement in which Bayer will acquire the U.S. based animal health business of Teva for up to $145 million.
Plan for winter dairy udder health now
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:53 PM PST
Sudden shifts in the weather are a stark reminder that dairy producers need to plan ahead to maintain udder health during the winter, says J.W. Schroeder, North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist.
Dairy Focus: Calves and cleanliness a vital health relationship
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:52 PM PST
Raising healthy calves is a challenging and rewarding job. Calf raisers are responsible for the dairy herd's future, the next generation of milk cows.
Soil health and soil quality
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:52 PM PST
Soil is one of the common factors that bring all agriculture together. Regardless of what you farm, the quality of the soil is important. The terms used most often are soil quality and soil health. While many use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between the two.
Dairy Heifer Raiser study raises red flag
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:50 PM PST
The recently released “Dairy Heifer Raiser, 2011” study, from the USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System, provides an overview of the management practices used on heifer-raising operations.
What's old and what's new in hospital care in Battle Creek
Sat, 29 Dec, 2012 06:41 PM PST
As the face of health care continues to change nationally, Battle Creek-area health care providers have adapted to new technology and business models throughout 2012.

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