Sunday, April 28, 2013

Health News: [health ]: Health and safety 'madness' removes nuts from Ulverston store

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Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 11:06 AM EDT
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Sarabjit Singh's family reaches Pakistan...
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 05:10 AM PDT
Indian death row prisoner, Sarabjit Singh's family has reached the Jinnah hospital in Lahore after t...
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Health and safety 'madness' removes nuts from Ulverston store
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 08:03 AM PDT
A BIZARRE decision has forced staff at an Ulverston supermarket to take perfectly good packets of nuts off the shelves – because they may contain nuts.
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Father of Boston bombing suspects postpones trip to U.S.
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 08:00 AM PDT
MAKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) — The father of the two Boston bombing suspects says he is postponing a trip to the United States because of poor health. Anzor Tsarnaev told The Associated Press on Sunday that he is "really sick" and his blood pressure had spiked. Mr. Tsarnaev said last week ...
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'Dodgy' hospital tender leaves 100s at risk
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 08:00 AM PDT
The KwaZulu-Natal health department's failure to pay a maintenance contract for two radiotherapy machines has robbed hundreds of cancer patients at a Durban hospital of the critical treatment they need.        
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Arthritis talk deals with pain
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:59 AM PDT
As part of National Arthritis month, Susan M. Nesci of the Arthritis Foundation will discuss "Put Pain in Its Place — How to Get Osteoarthritis Under Control" on Wednesday, May 1, at noon at Laurel Ridge Health Care Center, 642 Danbury Road (Route 7).
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Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:58 AM PDT
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Budget maneuvers begin Monday in House committee
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:57 AM PDT
Louisiana House leaders have devised a budget-cutting plan that would force steep cuts to health care and colleges.
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Lloyds may restart dividends payout
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:57 AM PDT
A return to dividends at Lloyds Banking Group could be on the cards after its chief executive said the state-backed bank's improving health increases the possibility of payouts.
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More than just numbers in Ohio's Medicaid debate
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:55 AM PDT
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A move to expand Medicaid in Ohio and give more low-income residents access to health care is on shaky ground. But the debate over a key part of President Barack Obama's health care law is more than just about numbers.
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Boston bombing suspects' father postpones trip to US from Russia because of poor health
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:50 AM PDT
The father of the two Boston bombing suspects says he is postponing a trip to the United States because of poor health.
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Saudi- Conference highlights new era in dentistry
Sun, 28 Apr, 2013 07:48 AM PDT
(MENAFN - Arab News) Children and adults in the Kingdom are facing serious dental health problems. The severity of caries in children with primary dentition is approximately 80 percent and recorded ...
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