Thursday, August 14, 2014

recipe : Recipe for Mummies Balm Is Older Than ...

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Recipe for Mummies Balm Is Older Than the Pharaohs Scientific American  - 6 hours
Egyptians used the same general formula to soak burial linens as early as 4200 B.C. -- Read more on

T Magazine: A Recipe for Happiness New York Times  - 1 hour
Can a meal be more than just a delicious coming together of fine ingredients? Can it alter your feelings in predictive ways? The ...

Lemon Biscuits recipe New Orleans Times-Picayune  - 7 hours
Lemon juice, lemon zest and a sprinkle of sugar on top make these biscuits extra-special.

Recipe of the week: Healthy hummus dip Collegiate Times  - 10 hours
You do not have to commit to either a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle fully to reap some of the benefits.

Recipe: Kristi Capel's Spinach Manicotti FOX 8 Cleveland  - 12 hours
We're sharing our favorite recipes! Here's one from Kristi Capel's mom.

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Search for the latest updates on recipe

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