Wednesday, August 27, 2014

recipes : Pair up new craft beers, fine recipes ...

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Pair up new craft beers, fine recipes in time for BrewMasters Greater Houston Weekly  - 1 hour
Beer lovers rejoice! This upcoming Labor Day weekend, you'll taste many 'firsts' at BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival - named on of the top 10 ...

Recipes: Variations on seven-layer salad Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune  - 8 hours
Fruit is beautifully arrayed in Inger's Seven-Layer Fruit Salad. It's the quintessential potluck food: seven-layer salad. With its layers of ...

Slow cooker recipes to make dinner a breeze ABC 13 Houston  - 18 hours
If your crock pot is collecting dust, this is the time to get it out and put it to good use.

Easy dinner recipes: Three quinoa salad ideas for Gluten-Free Wednesday Los Angeles Times  - 14 hours
Fan of quinoa? Perhaps not very familiar with it but curious? If you're looking for a great wheat-free alternative this Gluten-Free ...

Chef Austin Leslie's recipes for his legendary fried chicken (and potato salad) New Orleans Times-Picayune  - 14 hours
Two chicken recipes from Austin Leslie, and his unorthodox tip for frying chicken.

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Search for the latest updates on recipes

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