Thursday, May 21, 2015

sleep : Trying to lose weight? Get more sleep

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Trying to lose weight? Get more sleep CBS News  - 7 hours
Experts say there is a clear link between weight management and getting enough shuteye

Workplace intervention improves sleep of employees' children Science Daily  - 4 hours
A workplace intervention designed to reduce employees' work-family conflict and increase schedule flexibility also has a positive influence ...

Spouse needs to wake up to snoring problem Seattle Times  - 10 hours
Sleep deprived wife asks for help finding solution to husband's snoring and denial.

Crimewatch causes nightmares as 61% struggle to sleep after watching scary TV Daily Mail  - 17 minutes
Researchers discovered that just over a quarter of TV viewers ended up sleeping with the light on after a scary late-night viewing session, ...

New procedure could soon help sleep-apnea patients KCTV 5 Kansas City  - 11 hours
There are 4.5 million Americans that suffer from central sleep apnea which can cause a person to stop breathing while sleeping. However, a ...

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Search for the latest updates on sleep

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