Thursday, July 31, 2014

sleep : Sleep issues start at young age - study

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Sleep issues start at young age - study Otago Daily Times  - 2 hours
Nearly 40 per cent of Auckland University students in a survey had significant sleep problems, with depression and anxiety the leading ...

Study of twins discovers gene mutation linked to short sleep duration EurekAlert!  - 3 hours
( American Academy of Sleep Medicine ) Researchers who studied 100 twin pairs have identified a gene mutation that may allow the carrier to ...

A Startup Just Raised $1 Million In A Week To Create This Gadget That Tells You How To Sleep Better Business Insider via Yahoo! Finance  - 8 hours
Courtesy of Hello Inc. The Sense "Everyone sleeps." It's as simple as that, says James Proud, the founder and CEO of Hello Inc., when asked ...

'Sleep Dealer' a sci-fi sleeper Los Angeles Times  - 22 hours
Some films seem increasingly impressive as time goes on, and one of those is Alex Rivera's striking "Sleep Dealer" (2009), which won twice at ...

One In Three Singaporeans Can't Sleep! This Kickstarter May Help. Vulcan Post via Yahoo! Singapore News  - 18 hours
Do you wake up every day feeling like you haven't slept much? According to a recent editorial in the Annals, a journal by the Singapore ...

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Young Woman Shot And... Young Woman Shot And... Ambulance

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