Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keyword: [recipe ]: Emma Cowing: Recipe for disaster as Pippa replaces Delia

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Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 07:31 PM EST
Emma Cowing: Recipe for disaster as Pippa replaces Delia
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 04:23 PM PST
IS PIPPA Middleton still around? The answer, I’m afraid, is yes.
Vegetarian 'Bah Kut Teh' for a hearty meal
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 04:10 PM PST
ORIGINAL RECIPE: Soon Tet Vegetarian Restaurant serves its signature dishes ‘wet’ and dry
Recipe: Chocolate lady grey biscuits
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 04:07 PM PST
Around 3pm each and every day I find myself wanting a cup of tea and "something". Sadly in my "freelance office" and most offices, the tea trolley is absent meaning we are left wildly hoping someone will bring us a cuppa. But that itself brings risk: dishwasher tea that is insipid and grey in colour; builder's tea that is more sugar than tea; the insipid fruit tea that is usually a supermarket ...
Family develops new business out of fruit farm in Boyertown
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 04:02 PM PST
For every business that has to give up on Berks County, there are dozens that don't. Frecon Farms in Boyertown, known for its fruit, is such a company in this two-part report on what's right in Berks County. Early harvested apples, stacked in crates, are a special recipe. "Big in England, very tart, tanic," explained Hank Frecon. "So, when you taste it, it hits you in the back. So, that's a crab ...
Reader Recipe: Hoppin' John
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 03:13 PM PST
Sanford Wood said this dish from the Carolinas has become a family favorite. It's even served at New Year's in place of the traditional cabbage and black-eyed peas.
Recipe: Beet, Orange and Almond Crusted Goat Cheese Salad
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 02:28 PM PST
Today on Cooking at Home I'll use fresh beets, that I've roasted in the oven, to make a salad with oranges and almond crusted goat cheese. Then I'll finish that with a simple orange juice, olive oil, cumin and jalapeno pepper vinaigrette.
First lady announces healthy recipe search effort
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 02:13 PM PST
WASHINGTON (AP) - Michelle Obama says five media companies and a social media website are working together to make it easier to find nutritious recipes. Conde Nast, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corp., the Food Network and Time Inc., have identified more than 3,000 recipes that meet federal nutrition guidelines for how much ...
Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 02:11 PM PST
This recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash was submitted and prepared by Irene Corser of Lansing. Corser says she enjoys making her own light version of this classic dish.
Inventor gets off the ground with homemade jetpack
Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 01:48 PM PST
(Credit: Skyflash) It might look like a recipe for disaster, or at least a trip to the hospital, but a German inventor is trying to take to the skies with a jetpack that's designed to race along a runway before flying. Inspired by daredevil Felix Baumgartner , Fritz Unger wants to soar like a bird by strapping wings and two jet engines to his back. That hasn't happened yet, but his Skyflash ...
Jesse Schenker's Sherry-Vinegar Chicken
us.abcnews.gma.com Tue, 26 Feb, 2013 01:00 PM PST
A flavorful and healthy recipe from an all-star chef

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