Friday, October 3, 2014

recipe : Festive recipe: How to make Sweet Aval

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Festive recipe: How to make Sweet Aval  - 18 hours
It is easy to make, crunchy to eat and requires no cooking.

Recipe: Calgary Mayor Nenshi's Turkey Meatball soup Global Calgary  - 8 hours
How to make Naheed Nenshi's Turkey Meatball Soup, which is featured in the Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook.

Recipe: Speedy roasted tomato and rice soup GLOBAL NEWS  - 9 hours
This creamy tomato and rice soup is an attempt to replicate a childhood comfort food, but with better results and much better ingredients.

Recipe: Danny Smiles's Canadian Umami Seafood Chowder The Globe and Mail  - 3 hours
In a competition against the world's best young chefs, Montreal's Danny Smiles created this Japanese-Canadian version of the seafood soup – ...

The Secret Recipe That Sold Over 100 Million BreadTalk Flosss Buns via Yahoo! Singapore News  - 14 hours
It's Flosss, not floss   I recently got the opportunity to observe just how the amazing Flosss buns from BreadTalk (yes it's spelt with three ...

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