Saturday, August 2, 2014

sleep : Border drones and labor-bots: Alex ...

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Border drones and labor-bots: Alex Rivera's prescient 'Sleep Dealer' Los Angeles Times  - 4 hours
Filmmaker Alex Rivera had the idea for his sci-fi movie "Sleep Dealer" back in 1997. At the time, he envisioned a future in which wars were ...

Sleep-tracking apps: Sleep Cycle v SleepBot Brisbane Times  - 9 hours
Waking up tired? There's an app for that.

'Thatcher Gene' Unlocks Secrets of Needing Less Sleep IB Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland News  - 13 hours
Margaret Thatcher notoriously got by with just four hours of sleep. Now a scientific study has revealed a gene variant that may have given ...

Scientists discover why some thrive on less sleep than others Free Malaysia Today  - 22 hours
Researchers at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a study to find out why a small percentage of people appear to only need ...

'Thatcher gene' key to thriving on less sleep Brisbane Times  - 21 hours
Margaret Thatcher was renowned for surviving on just four hours of sleep a night, and now scientists may have found the source of her ...

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