Wednesday, August 20, 2014

recipe : Recipe: Summer drinks

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Recipe: Summer drinks Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune  - 4 hours
Serves 1. Note: Almost any spirit could plug into this punch equation, but pisco — the gooey South American pomace brandy — lends an earthy, ...

Anthony's Restaurant prepares tasty rockfish recipe with a fruity relish Seattle Times  - 8 hours
%%%6e450eb531cc51b25a2f131b99b8b7c7%%%The abundant black rockfish fishing season is now in full swing off the entire coast, and many anglers ...

Catalog your cookbooks on Eat Your Books and find every recipe every time Los Angeles Times  - 4 hours
After spending an hour and half on my knees, sorting through stacks of cookbooks, looking for a recipe I knew must be somewhere, in some ...

Recipe: Tangy tomato-eggplant crostini GLOBAL NEWS  - 10 hours
Want to get the most out of your late summer tomatoes and eggplants? Try the simple two-step prep we use for these easy crostini.

Recipe: Sweet Corn and Squash Fritters with Avocado Crema Seattle Times  - 11 hours
The corn makes everything bright with those little bursts of sweetness in every bite. And the crema feels rich and decadent but is nothing ...

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